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. you're watching the station that works for you. now, good morning maryland. >> winter weather is headed our way. people in the north are getting pounded with snow on this friday morning and we are work for you with live team -- working for you with live team coverage getting ready for anything heading our way. >> a horrific crime a mother is accused of killing her toddler and leaving her in the trash. police are still searching for the missing 2-year-old's body. a major announcement from the baltimore city fire department. grant money will help better protect families living in the city with smock detectors. those stories -- smoke detectors. those stories ahead op this friday. it's been a lengthy week. tgif. >> absolutely. thanks for joining us i am megan pringle alongside charley
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crowson. we are getting to the weather with meteorologist lynette charles because that is the big story. not only for us but also for areas of new england. >> this is a major, major storm. >> it is. and especially for new england like megan said dealing withblizzard conditions tonight and tomorrow but here at home we will get in op wintery weather as well -- on wintery weather as well. a winter weather' advisory until 10 in the areas in the blue coloring. we will be dealing with a wintery mix this morning. it's coming down around frederick county and you are seeing the blue coloring and pink colorings. but most of us right now getting in on the rain. but if your travels are taking you along i-70 you can see around sugarloaf west and flint hill be prepared for some very slick roadways. we see moo rit -- moderate ran along the eastern shore. we are talking about talbot and queens anne county and mill creek this morning and
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graysonville. this is the scenario continuing throughout the day and it's dependent on the temperatures. so we are freezing in myersville above that in owings mills and shady side. as we go throughout the day, that wintery mix will switch to all rain and we will get all snow on the back side. i will talk about the snow coming up. now back over to megan and charley. >> thanks so much. we will keep this story going because we will feel the effects of the storm. but for people in new england, this could be unforgettable and for us here, this could impact your weekend especially if you have plans ongoing anywhere or anybody coming into town. team coverage continues with sherrie johnson live this morning at bwi. how is it looking right now? >> reporter: we are seeing some rain that's coming down pretty good pretty steadily. and i checked in with the folks at bwi right now. take for example southwest airlines, they are not reporting any delays at this moment. but of course the airlines encourages you to check with that individual airlines before
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you head this way just to make sure. but we are seeing some rain right now. and you know, right now, maybe we don't need a snow blower or snow shovel but the weather could be impact your travels today. as far as amtrak is concerned, amtrak is suspending service between new york and boston starting this afternoon. airports across the country are preparing for problems but again check with your individual airline before you make your way to the airports. and some passengers that say that the airlines so far have been great. >> u.s. air sent me's. -mail yesterday for a friday flight two days in advance. >> reporter: so, here at home road crews have been out on the roads as i was traveling here to bwi. i saw a few trucks on the roadways salting making sure the morning commute is safe for drivers and it's important to know you can get the latest updates on our twitter account at abc2 news we will be
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updating that pier outcally this morning so you can follow along with more weather updates. reporting live, sherrie johnon, abc2 news. 4:34. this will likely affect your commute throughout the friday morning. expect delays and backups on the road. >> let's see how things are look right now with lauren cook with your traffic. >> reporter: good morning. well, as lynette mentioned we are dealing with a wintery mix in frederick but everywhere else it's raining. the roads will be slick. be careful on 95 in white marsh. no delays into the city. and 695 will be delay free from parkville up to towson heading over to pikesville this is at green spring avenue. nice and normal conditions. that is 7-minute ride on the outer loop from 795 down to 70 and this is what 83 looks like at shawan road. 21 minutes altogether to travel from the maryland pennsylvania state line to the beltway. it will remain nice and clear as you get on the jfx and head downtown. that's a look at your abc2
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timesaver traffic. now over to you. on top of the weather a disturbing story for you on this friday. a mother is behind bars accused of the unimaginable. police say she killed her 2- year-old daughter and then threw the body away. >> today police are continuing to look for the toddler's missing body. annapolis police suspect kassidey remains are inside a transfer station in jessup her mother is 25-year-old chelsea booth and has admitted to the crime. according to police, booth said she told them she laid on top of the child until the child was dead and put her in a dumpster in the neighborhood. investigators believe that they found the trash from that dumpster in a railcar heading out of town. booth's friends say her demeanor changed and they were worried because she had not seen kassidey for days. >> i spoke to her and she didn't speak to me. i guess that was really what was on her mind at the time. but she is just -- she changed
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after a certain period of time. >> booth has been charged with first and second degree murder and held currently without bond. we will keep you updated here at abc2 and and today a judge could decide robert gladden june quare whether he will be accuse -- trilled in juvenile court. daniel borowy was seriously hurt in the shooting but has recovered. right now the 15-year-old gladden has been charged as an adult. if convicted as an adult, he could face a life sentence in prison. a major concern for firefighters and we are talking about people living in homes that don't have working smoke alarms. how many times have we told you that. thanks to a grant, they will be able to protect families more often. last month the baltimore city fire department received an emergency responder safety grant from bge. officials say that they are using that money to purchase nearly 800 smoke alarms. firefighters will install the detectors in the homes in baltimore city residents who
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need it. they say working smoke alarms are needed to save lives. >> we want to keep the message before every citizen of baltimore so they are moreinclined to take on the safety concept we want every house to have a swooshing -- working smoke alarm and we don't want to lose anyone. one life lost in a fire is one too many. >> the fire department is holding a press conference today and it's to thanks bge for the money. switching gears here in baltimore we love the ravens. people all over the country are getting to know our soup he bowl champs. -- superbowl champs. jacoby jones made his late night debut with jimmy kimmel and he was complimentary. >> i have to say and i think you should have been the superbowl mvp. >> the one thing i say jimmy is joe flacco deserves it man because what that guy been
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through and did, if you look at the post season, 11 touchdowns no ints. sweet. >> the star wide receiver made an amazing superbowl catch and a touchdown return opening the second half. 108 yards to pay dirt matching the longest play in nfl history. we interviewed him on tuesday after the parade and i think. >> he was hilarious. >> and i think he is wearing the same thing. >> he he probably hasn't slept. it's 4:38. crabs, wine and cheese sounds pretty good. it's a feast fit for a king and queen. barbara boxer and diane feinstein made good on the superbowl bet with maryland senators ben cardin and barbara mikulski. even though the ravens beat the 49ers maryland senators did not gloat. >> you and your team and ours gave america a thrill of a
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lifetime. >> that's true. >> 34-31 right down to the last- minute. it was so exciting we were so pumped and so fired up as ray lewis did the little squirrel dance. >> she is showing off purple pride. ben cardin thearchgd the senators for the meal and making the superbowl -- thanked the senators for the meal and making the superbowl memorable. we have to switch gears because weather will be present all day. >> we want to remend you to stick with us -- remind you to stick with us because if there are delays or cancellations, we will let you know as they come in. we will tweet them out and put them on and facebook. let's go over to lynette. we are seeing drizzle out there now. is this a precursor of things to come? >> yes let me show you what's going on. when you look at the yellows and reds all this will move into the area. we are dealing with heavy rain across the area as we go through the rest of the morning and also this afternoon before this switches to snow.
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we have a little bit of a mix of snow freezing rain and sleet back into western maryland this morning. especially around frederick county. so if your travels are taking you along that way, be careful. it's slick out there. i brought in the view so you can see that. this is not the only system we are dealing with. we are waiting for this system to work the way off towards the east. and these two will combine. i am going to tell you what's happening once that does take place and when that will take place all that is coming up. but not only do we have just this storm right now and bringing the rain and wintery mix we are dealing with fog so we have reduced visibility. you can see it along the eastern shore four miles there and then we throw in the winds. they are on the light side right now but they will really pick up as we go through the evening. we are talking about gusts up to 40 miles an hour. i am going to break the details down in a moment but right now let's go back to megan and charley. a manhunt is on for a former lp. -- lapd officers suspected of killing three people. >> the story is changing and we
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have new details on the search and a clue police found. >> parts of the northeast are in for rough weather. the latest on a ferocious storm brewing and what it could mean for your commute here in maryland. >> well, we are dealing with a lot of rain right now. here's 97 at route 100 where ring is up to speed -- everything is up to speed. i will let you know what 83, 95 and 659 locks like coming up on good -- looks like coming up on good morning maryland. that is live look in downtown baltimore. great way to start the day. is it a with us. there's much more coming up next.
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4:43. making headlines around nation, police in southern california have launched a huge manhunt. this for a former police officer accused of going on a killing spree. >> christopher dorner is accuseded of the slaying of a young couple and police officer. he threatened to target police officers in retaliation for being fired more than four years ago. he allegedly shot three
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officers killing one of them. and yesterday, they found his burned out pickup truck and it's alleged online manifesto he blames officers saying was terminated for reporting abuses. >> of course he knows what he is doing. we trained him e was also a million -- he was also a member of the armed forces. it's extremely worrisome and scary especially to the police officers involved. >> dorner has sent a package to cnn's anderson cooper containing a dvd post-it note and a coin from a lapd chief with bullet holes in it. the governor of connecticut postponed today's sandy hook advisory commission meeting because they were supposed to hear testimony from experts in the field on infrastructure design and safety and security. but because of the pending snowstorm that meet has been rescheduled. they are going to meet again next friday. tens of millions of people in the northeast are bracing for a super blizzard. the likes of which they have
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not seen we are hearing in more than 30 years. >> thousands of flights have been canceled and this morning we have the latest. >> reporter: all eyes are on the northeast with the potentially historic storm barreling in that direction with estimates it could dump up to 2 1/2 feet of snow. massachusetts governor patrick says the storm will make safe travel nearly impossible. >> accumulation is expected to be swift and heavy and dangerous. >> stay off the streets of our city. basically stay home. >> reporter: this storm struck the midwest blanketing chicago with snow and leaving cars in ditches in wisconsin. along the i-95 corridor, from new york to boston and beyond, preparations are underway. crews across the region loaded up salt trucks and are ready to hit the road. >> it will probably be a long four days you know. which is tough on anybody. >> reporter: no doubt there is a lot of work ahead. new york has 6300 miles of streets to plow.
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>> we have more than 250,000 tons of salt on hand. >> new jersey, residents brace for the storm even though they have not recovered from the devastation left hyped by super storm sandy. >> we are trying to baton down the hatches before the storms coming and the last one ruined us totally. >> reporter: new england residents rushed out to stock up on essentials. >> this is panic shopic so bread -- shopping, bread, milk and snow shovel in case ours breaks. >> reporter: the fire department was called into a supermarket in salem massachusetts because they were too many people there. many schools and businesses closed ahead of the storm and airlines canceled more than 2000 flights and more cancellations are expect. abc news. now i know a lot of you are wondering if it's going to hit us because it's so close. if there are any delays or cancellation out there, stay with us because as soon as they come to us, we will let you know on the tv, internet or twitter or facebook. >> that woman was talking about
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in the story she was doing panic shopping, bread, milk the like and eggs and snow shovel. is this a snow shovel situation? >> it depends. further north and east you go we are talking about harford county, delaware, and also cecil county, maybe about 3 to 4 inches and once again maryland is going to be on the rain-snow line so if it shifts further to the north we could see maybe possibly 5 inches of snow with this. it depends or if it shifts further to the north we could see maybe an inch or a dusting especially around baltimore. so, again, it depends and that's why you need to stay with us. we will bring outlatest updates and follow me on twitter at abc2 weather. right now this is what's going on at the surface. we have one system back off towards the west. this will continue to work the way off toward the east. we do have this system now to the south this is bringing in the wet weatherch the rain to most of the area this morning. these two systems once again will come together and as they do that an area of low pressure
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at the surface will continue to trek up north and east and that will bomb out, that means that's when new england will start to see the snow as they go into tomorrow. for us, late tonight, that's when we will get on the snow and that will wrap up as we go into tomorrow morning. right now, though, temperatures coming in at 32 degrees in mount airy. perry hall 35 and 34 in heckry. these temperatures will tell you whether we are basically going to be getting sleet, snow or rain. so it's all over the place this morning. so definitely be prepared for that. now, as we look ahead, this is what to expect. so this is changed a bit. yesterday we were thinking about all ran across the area mainly with on the tail end snow. well the snow could linger's little bit longer because this system that's coming from the west and joining is going to get more powerful. so now we are thinking that we could be having more accumulations like i was saying. so when it's all said and done we are thinking north and east about 3 to 4 inches of snow and maybe 2 to 3 around bolt pore but again that rain snow line
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will tell it all -- around baltimore but again the rain- snow line will tell it all. we have to keep our eyes peeled for this situation. but as we are talking about temperature wise today, we will be 40 degrees and we have the mix early and rain and snow and also don't forget the winds. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we are dealing with a wintery mix in frederick county. you want to be extra careful traveling there. right now, across the region we are dealing with a lot of rain. so the roads are going to be very slick. be extra careful on interstate 706789 no delays in howard county -- 70. no delays from howard county and the beltway this morning, no delays all the way around. if you are heading downtown, this is what 83 looks like just north of 695. you are looking at 11 minutes traveling southbound from the beltway all the way downtown to east fayette street and here's what 95 looks like at 395. no problems getting through the fort mchenry and harbor tunnel will be nice and clear.
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that's your abc2 timesaver traffic megan and charley over to you. another bessy day in annapolis. >> -- busy day in annapolis. >> gun rights activists will be head together state capitol. we will tell you what is planned for today and what they have to say. >> it's that time of year our favorite cookies are back. we will tell you how the girl scouts are going high tech when selling this year's goodies. megan i've seen a few bocks around the studio. >> i saw them. are they empty? >> did you eat all of them? >> i'm going to.
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thanks for joining thus morning. it's 4:52. the mother of a woman killed this week in baltimore county says that crime could have been prevented. >> katie was stabbed to death inside her apartment and it's a story we broke on good morning maryland this week. and police arrested jeffrey shivlett in the crime. he was released from prison in december after serving time for robbery. while behind bars he reportedly sent threatening letters to
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hadel and they had a brief relationship. police say he repeatedly violated his parole by continuing to make threats but he had no fixed address and investigators couldn't find him. >> they tried to protect hadel and she was four months pregnant. the safety plan including her staying at her mother's house which would be visited times several -- several times a week by police. but they say she went back to her apartment and her mother disputes the story. >> they knew she was there and they knew -- they -- we asked them thursday for a safety plan. katie and i sat there for one hour with them and asked for a safety plan. we have been asking for five years and we never ever got it. >> jeffrey shiflett was arrested in the woods behind katie's home. he is charmed with first degrow murder and held without bond. 4:53. five things to know. gun rights advocates will be
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holding a rally on the steps of the state building in annapolis. they are calling on law makers to uphold the second and first amendment rights of all citizens of maryland. that starts at 10 this morning. and coming up today, pay respects to one of maryland's longest serving delegates. the family of hatie harrison will receive friends and well- wishers at united house of prayer for all people from 6 to 8. the funeral is 11 tomorrow at the same church. the delegate will be buried monday. more than a dozen men and women will join the public safety team. lieutenant governor brown will be the keynote speaker at the correctional academy graduation. they will be sent to if a stilts in jessup and sykesville. today is national girl scout cookie day. girl scouts are lawn. the cookie finder app helping them connect with customers. they will go door to door selling the goodies. the old fasted -- fashioned
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way. robin roberts is set to return to good morning americaon went february 20th. to mark her return they will recount her inspirational story on a special edition of 20/20 airing friday february 22nd and by the way that airs at 10 p.m. we are five minutes away from the hour. weather is the big story throughout the day. it's going affect schools and business and your commute to work but when will it hit. >> let's go to lynette charles because if anybody can tell you it's going to be her. >> we are seeing the rain come down across the area as of now. we see the heavier amounts to the south and eastern shore. but we are getting a little mix back over into frederick county. so we are talking about sleet, freezing rain and also snow mixing in there and also we will continue this through the morning hours. if you are traveling around dc, you will get in on the mix as well and also we will have some very windy conditions picking up as we go throughout the day as well. now let me show you what's going on heading to the airport
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this morning. you are going to run into rain and some fog out there so we have it all you asked for it and we will get it. as we check out the school day forecast. we are at 34 degrees. kids heading out and about and by the afternoon it will be breezy with all rain across the area. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. as you mened, we are dealing with a wintery mix -- mentioned, we are dealing with a wentry mix. interstate 70 east of 270 traffic is moving along. but prepare for slick conditions. they are going to get worse as the morning carry on. as we check in and look live at the west side of 695, here at liberty road, everything moving right along. you are looking at an 11-minute ride on the outer loop from 795 down the east side of the beltway also going to be in great shape. it's going take 11 minutes to travel the outer loop from 95 up to 83. and no concerns this morning on 95 in white marsh. this is the normal 14ment ride southbound from the beltway all
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the way into the city. that's a look at your abc2 timesaver traffic now over to you. coming up in a bit on good morning maryland at 5, the family out to dinner got a surprise that left them looking at their meal with a smile. >> the reward for disciplineed children. i find this inspirational. let's see if you parents out there do too.
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on the video scene look at this. an s. vu. smashes into the side of a restaurant before a business opens and it is caught on surveillance camera and you can see the bartenderup pg out of the way. the 70 something-year-old droughter was distraught and in shock but not seriously injured. the bartender had minor cuts on his leg and there are no word whether charges will be filed in this case. we will keep you posted. your eating habits could be affecting the amount of sleep you get. >> tips on what to put on

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